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It’s not an opening statement to reveal that Lucknow, the city of Nawabs and the capital of Uttar Pradesh, is popular for its budget-friendly fashion markets. If you are in Lucknow, you must take part in the grandeur of this cultural center. You know why? Well, for that you have to stop at the famous and best markets of Lucknow to shop till night! By Shrestha Purkayastha

Those who have had a knack for history are well aware that the Nawabs of Awadh were celebrated for adorning their striking clothes and jewellery. Apart from their gourmet supremacy, which includes mouth-watering biryani, lip-smacking kebabs and an endless list of other things, time and again they find their greatest joy in their handicrafts and textiles.

Indulge your shopping spree by going shopping in Lucknow

Lucknow architecture
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This art center is arguably a famous tourist attraction in North India with its many antique monuments from the era when the Nawabs established their dynasty in the city. And now you have to get used to the most famous shopping markets and destinations in Lucknow every time. From beautiful dresses to intricate shoes and more, don’t get carried away by the posh malls and stretch out to these traditional markets we’ve got lined up for you.


Shopping in Lucknow
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Located in the heart of the city, Hazratganj is known to be the best place for shopping in Lucknow. Late night bazaars, theatres, restaurants or even shopping complexes can ask for anything and Hazratganj will be the answer. While this market isn’t exactly a bargain hunter, everything you get here is worth every penny. If you are a person who loves khadi clothing, then this is the place for you. You can also expect to get your hands on some incredible Chikankari fabrics, textiles, footwear and kurtas at quite budget-friendly prices.

To be purchased: Hand woven sarees, chikankari kurtis, khadi, ornaments

Chowk Lucknow

Shopping in Lucknow
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Are you someone who is as mesmerized by perfumes and scents as we are? Then allow us to introduce you to this one-stop destination for your entire vibe and collections. The Chowk promises to haunt you with its old-world charm as you wind your way through the criss-cross streets selling a huge selection of ittars (perfumes). With handcrafted decorative items, Zardosi embroidered clothes, Chikankari wear, Nagra style footwear and creative lampshades, this place won’t let you turn your back on it.

To be purchased: Zardosi fabric, ittars (perfumes), ornaments, chikankari dresses

Aminabad market

Lucknow Market
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Established during the heroic days of the Nawabs, Aminabad is said to be one of the oldest and most famous markets in Lucknow. If you’re sure you’ve mastered the art of the bargain on today’s date, this is definitely the perfect hub for you. You can buy several household items and ace quality clothes at pocket-friendly prices. If you too are attracted to buy tons of books at affordable prices, then this place will also lead you to that place. Aminabad Gadbadjala is one of the many popular attractions where you can find plenty of colorful bangles of your choice.

To be purchased: Hosiery, bed linen, chikankari fabric, footwear

Janpath Bazaar

Best shopping places in Lucknow
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Another market for shopping in Lucknow, Janpath bazaar is the rhythm of this city and receives the most number of shoppers throughout the year. This street is lined with contemporary clothing chains and vintage designer showrooms. One simply has to drop by the well-known Sugandhco Showroom to view their rare perfume collection. Spending on the fanciest incense sticks and room fresheners is sure to be an experience to remember.

To be purchased: leather bags, belts, footwear

Alambagh market

Best shopping places in Lucknow
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Treated as a Wall Street mall, Alambagh preserves a worthy history of the era of the Nawabs. In addition to only a hundred jewelry stores, this market is also known as the jewelry center of the country. With an affordable range of shoes, clothing, snacks and local sweets, Alambagh is truly your go-to place to shop if you’re still wondering how to shop with a hole in your pocket.

To be purchased: Precious stones, antiques, jewelry, shoes, electronics


Famous shopping places in Lucknow
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Located in the heart of Lucknow’s garment district, this wonderful market ensures that consumers get practical fabric that delivers superior quality. As artisans and tailors create beautiful and detailed Zardosi and Chikankari work, admirers have no choice but to be enthralled. Interestingly, customers can customize all the unique designs they have their eye on.

To be purchased: Ready-to-wear dresses, designer sarees, chikankari dresses

Bhootnath Market

Good luck shopping
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For both tourists and localities, Bhootnath market is eminently known for its wide range of clothing. Be it dried fruits, clothes, antique jewelry or souvenirs, this market has it all for you. Breathe in the best of Lucknow’s attractive culture at this market, where vendors are happy to engage in haggling.

To be purchased: Exclusive aromatic spices, fabrics, dishes, antique jewelry

Lal Bagh Market

Lucknow Markets
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Lal Bagh market is known as the electronics haven of Lucknow. Here, people literally flock to the stores to get fantastic deals at premium prices. Thanks to its central location, a gigantic island of new and used electronics awaits you. Whether it’s mobile accessories, mobile phones, MP3 gadgets or anything in the electronics field, you get everything under the sun.

To be purchased: Accessories, electronics, mobile phones, laptops

Halwasiya market

Shopping in Lucknow
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Halwasiya is the energetic shopping center in Lucknow where you can get a glimpse of things no matter which age group you belong to. Whether you’re looking for beautiful maxi dresses, antique jewelry, a children’s section, t-shirts or creative decor items, this market is your one-stop shop. Well, if your haggling skills are top notch, then expect to buy in bulk from those smart sellers.

To be purchased: Jewelry, footwear, children’s toys, handicrafts, ready-to-wear clothing

Nakhas market

Shopping Destinations Lucknow
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Street shopping in Lucknow takes over your treasured travel diary when you enter the 200-year-old Nakhas market. With over 12,000 stores in this market, you’re sure to be spoiled for choice. On Sundays, the fun flea market in Nakhas gathers and you will be surprised to see the crazy low prices of used goods. With local Zardosi clothing, eye-catching murals and miniatures, this market has enough potential to keep you hooked.

To be purchased: Handicrafts, handicrafts, zardosi garments made of wood

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