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Governor Cathy Hochul today announced that a record $150 million in capital funding will be made available to arts and cultural organizations through the New York State Council on the Arts Capital Project Fund. The fund has two grant categories: small and medium-sized capital improvement grants and large capital improvement grants. This unprecedented investment includes $100 million in new, multi-year funding to facilitate large-scale capital projects that prioritize community development and placemaking. This is the state’s largest commitment to NYSCA for capital projects for the arts, which already follows record-level funding for the arts in the FY 2023 budget. Governor Hochul will further discuss his commitment to support the arts at the Carnegie Hall 2022-2023 season opening later this evening.

“New York’s arts and cultural organizations strengthen our economic well-being, nurture our diversity and identity, and support our communities.” Governor Hochul Dr. “This record state funding to NYSCA will allow a wide range of organizations to undertake much-needed improvement projects, so they can continue to provide rich cultural experiences to New Yorkers and further their role as economic and community anchors.”

NYSCA’s Capital Projects Fund will focus on supporting cultural institutions seeking state funding to invest in capital improvements that enable organizations to maintain and expand cultural programming for diverse audiences, promote accessibility and environmental sustainability, preserve and create jobs, and ultimately new development. will help to contribute. York’s industrial and tourism sector.

The two opportunities are:

  • Small and Medium Scale Capital Improvement Grants for Arts and Culture: This opportunity funds projects of any size, with grants of up to $2 million that prioritize accessibility, artistry, cultural development, sustainability, health and safety, and structural and historic improvements. Strong projects combine design excellence with organizational capacity and informed decisions about community needs that will positively impact the future of arts and cultural organizations across New York.
  • Major Capital Improvement Grants for Arts and Culture: This multi-year opportunity will support arts and cultural institutions across the state that are making impactful, large-scale capital improvements. Grants will range from $2 million to $10 million for projects with a total cost of $4 million or more. The funding will support investments to expand cultural programs, reach new and diverse audiences and give organizations opportunities to thrive by promoting accessibility. These grants will also help advance the state’s goals around diversity, equity and inclusion, and require all applicants to commit to social equity initiatives and access plans that serve all New Yorkers.

The application portal for these opportunities will open on Friday, September 30, 2022 and can be accessed on NYSCA’s website, All eligible New York State nonprofit arts and culture organizations are encouraged to apply for NYSCA’s Capital Projects Fund. NYSCA will also conduct webinars on the application process and hold multiple virtual office sessions for applicants to receive one-on-one assistance before the January 12, 2023 deadline.

Since 2018, NYSCA has awarded 204 capital grants across 10 state territories, totaling $50 million, with support from the Governor and Legislature. These projects increase employment potential and promote cultural sites as tourist destinations, strengthening New York’s hospitality, food and beverage and retail sectors.

In addition to the capital projects fund, NYSCA will provide $90 million in non-capital grants to arts organizations and artists. Recipients of these grants will be announced at the end of the calendar year.

Mara Manus, executive director of the New York State Council on the Arts, said, “New York’s strong creative economy is an important driver of our state’s reemergence as a global cultural leader. We are extremely grateful to Governor Hochul and the State Legislature’s unprecedented $150 million in FY2023 capital funding for NYSCA, recognizing the important role these projects play in our economy, our local environment and the health of all New Yorkers.”

New York State Council on the Arts Chair Catherine Nichols said, “We at NYSCA are honored to make these opportunities available to arts and cultural organizations across New York. Capital funding is transformative for organizations and their communities – these projects strengthen employment, advance cultural venues as tourist destinations, and strengthen our hospitality, food, and Retail sector. On behalf of NYSCA staff, Council and our arts and culture community, I want to recognize Governor Hochul and our state legislators for their unwavering commitment to New York’s arts and cultural organizations with this historic $150 million in capital grant funding for FY2023. This investment in our will secure the future of the sector and ensure that our national cultural heritage continues to grow and thrive.”

State Senator Jose Serrano said, “I am thrilled that $150 million will be made available to improve and grow cultural centers that educate, connect and inspire our community. Keeping the arts accessible and available to all New Yorkers is critical to the continued growth and health of our state.”

State Senator Brad Hoelman said, “Millions of people come from all over the world to experience the arts in New York. Our world-renowned cultural organizations are a major economic driver for our city and state, and we need to invest in those organizations to continue to grow these industries. I’ Governor Hochul today on accessibility to the arts And I’m proud to support historic funds to enhance sustainability, support their growth and impact, and inspire future generations of New Yorkers.”

Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell said, “The arts are essential to New York. The arts are the heart and soul of every community in our state. They are economic engines, creating jobs, driving activity and improving lives. Over the past few years, arts and cultural organizations have navigated challenge after challenge, and many are still struggling. It’s time for an arts renaissance in New York State. I’m thrilled that New York State is supporting the arts through increased capital funding and will ensure that our arts and cultural organizations are equipped for success for years to come.”

Assemblyman Richard Gottfried said, “This record funding is an investment in the culture, economy and vitality of New York State. Our cultural organizations are a core part of our character and spirit. With this unprecedented support from Governor Hochul and the Legislature, we will continue to grow. They are in our communities, our cities and across our state. provides measurable benefits.”

About the New York State Council on the Arts

The Arts Council preserves and advances the arts and culture that make New York State an exceptional place to live, work and visit. The Council supports the right of all New Yorkers to experience the important contribution the arts make to our community, education, economic development, and quality of life. To support the ongoing recovery of the arts across New York State, the Arts Council will provide record funding in FY 2023, providing dedicated support for arts education and support across the full spectrum of the arts for underserved communities.

The Arts Council furthers New York’s creative culture by convening leaders in the field and providing organizational and professional development opportunities and information resources. Created in 1960 by Governor Nelson Rockefeller and continued with the support of Governor Cathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature, the Council is an agency that is part of the executive branch. For more information about NYSCA, please visit and follow NYSCA’s Facebook page, Twitter @NYSCArts and Instagram @NYSCouncilontheArts.


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