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The center is considering canceling the reverse bidding process for wind and solar project bidding.

New and Renewable Energy Minister Raj Kumar Singh said the wind power industry had asked the government to revert to a closed auction. Because reverse auctions affect businesses. Due to the low tariffs found through the process

in reverse auction When the lowest bid is found after the bid has been opened There will be more auctions for lower bids. in renewable energy The reverse auction mechanism has been largely used to find the lowest tax rates.

The minister said that although reverse bidding would bring prices down, But the need for this hour also requires the ability to install. The auction process should not affect the capacity building process.

“The jury decides (should) reverse the bid or not. Because reversal will bring down the price. But I also need capacity. It should not be the case that the auction has been completed and has not been installed,” Singh said in an interview.

Noting that the wind power sector has not made the desired progress, Singh, who also holds an energy portfolio, said the industry is of the opinion that although there are eight windy states in the country, there are still some winds in the country. Because the open auction is followed by a reverse auction. The arrival tax is low. encourage businesses Head for the windiest state, Gujarat.

He also said the government was now considering including taxes on wind power across the state.

“Wind speed in Madhya Pradesh Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Gujarat are different, so the electricity rates are also different. How will SECI (Solar Energy Corporation of India) sell to DISCOM? Therefore, we decided to rule out integration. All taxes will be added together and offered. It’s going to be something that rolls around. It will be every five years. If we start today We will continue for the next five years, so all auctions will be run by SECI; It’s going to be a rolling average,” he said.

under the grouping process The tender, speaking for 3,600 MW, will consist of six 600 MW bids in six different states. Singh said the type of auction process—closed, open or reversed—is under consideration.

He said the wind power industry did not want reverse auctions and had sought a process to close the auction.

“We will do the same in the sun. Now what happened is I bought a solar cell today at 2.60 (per power unit) Tomorrow some rates come to 2.40,” said the minister.

The consideration for changes to the bidding process is based on the government’s goal of achieving 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030. As of September 29, total installed renewable power capacity is approximately 163 GW.

India’s installed wind and solar power generation capacity is 41.205 GW and 59.303 GW respectively, according to the Ministry of Energy.

So far, India has only had wind capacity on land. On October 5, Mint reported that the government was considering leasing the ocean floor for offshore wind projects. The basic amount starts at 1 hundred thousand baht per square kilometer with bids based on possible funding gaps

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