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The Goa government on Friday invited bidders to submit a financial and technical bid for four iron ore by Nov. 21, starting the process to resume mining in the state that ceased operations in September 2012.

Monte de Sirigao, Sirigao-Mayem Bicholim and Kalay will be among the first to go under the hammer of the 90-odd where mining leases are active when the ban goes into effect. Many of these leases have been merged into blocks for auction.

November 15 is the last day for the purchase of tender documents after payment of fees on the electronic auction platform. November 21 is the last date for submission of bids.

in May The government has asked tenants who hold 88 mining leases to hand over their possession by June. The Supreme Court canceled the lease renewal.

The Bombay High Court in Goa has reserved an order in a petition challenging the Goa government’s decision to return the lease.

Mining is not expected to resume immediately. The bidding document states that the winning bidder must first obtain a permit from the forest, wildlife and environment again.

The former Portuguese colony was granted mining rights in 1906 to bolster state finances through a decree. The first mining concession was issued in 1929. Between the 1930s and 1950s, 791 mining concessions were granted, granting holders the right to mine forever with no definite age.

The concession was converted to a lease under the Mines and Minerals Development Act 1987. The lease term expired in 2007, the Supreme Court ruled while asking the government to issue a new lease. Existing leaseholders continue to fight for valid lease claims in the Supreme Court.

According to the Goa Mineral Ore Exporters Association of conventional lease holders, Mining in Goa increased to 54 million tonnes per year in 2012. From 2004-2005 to 2010, it nearly doubled from 24 million tonnes to 45 million tonnes as demand for ore increased from China . in the 1970s. Goa’s iron ore production is about 10 million tons per year.

Approximately, the mining sector is involved. A study by the National Council for Applied Economic Research found Rs. 6,500 crore or 16.94% of state GDP. and directly employs 19,000 people from a workforce of approximately 600,000 people in 2010-2011.


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