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Family and friends of Presley Anderson, former Napa High School student, Indiana University and USC elite swimmer. And the mother of four, who just received the shocking news that she had stage 4 lung cancer, is holding an event in Napa called “Fight on, Presley,” Nov. 18-21 and Nov. 26. To raise money to help Anderson’s family with medical expenses.

Meal and donation fundraisers will be held at three Napa businesses.

On Friday, Stones Sport Bar and Lounge, located in the River Park Mall at 1679 W Imola Ave., will donate 20% of sales to the Anderson family.

On Saturday, the Napa Running Company at 942 Main St. will donate 25% of sales to the family.

Next Saturday, November 26, Billco’s Billiards and Darts, 1234 Third St. will be a full sale match from noon to 8 p.m.

Any Napa business interested in helping the Andersons by donating a percentage of their proceeds during the event can email Torrey Sims at [email protected]. for more information

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On Monday, November 21, a golf tournament will be held at the Napa Valley Country Club to raise money for families.

The tournament’s $2,500 pit sponsors include the Huckfeldt Family, IPL, Macro Plastics, Benchmark Civil Construction, Adobe Lumber, Napa Riverfront and A&F Electric.

Registration for the tournament is closed. Instead, there will be a silent auction and a raffle for community donated items in progress. This will generate even more revenue for Anderson. The draw will take place at 3:30 p.m. after the golf tournament. Those interested in purchasing a lottery ticket but unable to attend the event contact Bonnie Mott at [email protected] or 707-738-3869 or Cindy Boyett at [email protected] or 707-494-9541. The price is $100 for a ticket. 1 ticket, $500 for 7 tickets and $1000 for 16 tickets. Draw is scheduled for 3:30 PM Monday.

In the silent auction is a Georgia football jersey signed by Brock Bowers (Lot 1) for $4,500 to Cabo San Lucas using a 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom condominium and 7 seater car, excluding airfare (Lot 2). A $750 wine soak filled with 25 bottles of wine (Lot 3), a $1000 beauty basket (Lot 4), La Rouge products and services by Denise Mulas at Evolution Spa, eyelash extensions or makeup by Peyton Mott, and bags and scarves. from Boho (lot 4) and a $1,000 beauty basket. Mary Bakken products and services, jewelry by Carolyn Rasmussen, massages with Ellie, and teeth whitening at Dennington Dental (Lot 5).

There will be a $1000 Silverado Resort and Spa Package for two for two nights in the condo and golf course (Lots 6 and 7), a $1000 Food and Wine Package for Faust Wine Tasting and Chef to prepare dinner and dessert. Six-person house (Lot 8), $1,200 from Downtown Joe’s for a day brew with lunch, Lagunita’s neon sign for the man cave. and Gott’s Roadside Restaurant Gift Card (Lot 9), $750 Coach Dick Vermeil Autographed Tasting, and $1,300 Autographed Bottle of Wine (Lot 10), Safe Rides while you taste wine at Regusci and. Pride with Private Driver from Brian Banducci’s Safe Rides (Lot 11) and Donam Tastings and $800 Dinner for Four Along with masterpieces and gift cards go to Kitchen Door and Gott’s (Lot 12).

Finally, there will be a $500 adventure package, golf for four at Napa Golf Course, cherry picking party and picnic for the day. Two rental bikes Two tickets for the Stanford vs. BYU game plus free parking. (Lot 13) $750 Boujee Dinner Package Brix and Cordeiros Gift Card with Wine (Lot 14) Boujee Dinner Package Allegria and Cole’s Chop House Gift Voucher with Wine and Champagne (Lot 13) 15) $1,800 Gift Box of Young Ridge Cabernet Package (Lot 16), $1,800 Young Ridge Cabernet Package (Lot 17), $750 JCB Wine Tasting for 4 and 4 Bottles, Fume Gift Card (Lot 18), and $1,000. For products and services of Bang Salon .

Anyone able to donate food and beverages to golfers at the tournament can contact Cody Cotten at [email protected] or 707-815-4932.

For sponsorship questions, call Jennifer Sims at 707-337-8619 for tax donation information. Please email Mackenzey Bard at [email protected]. For silent auction information Please email Cindy Boyett at [email protected].

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Presley, a Napa High graduate in 2006, was a 14-time NCAA All-American swimmer in college.

Kirk, a Napa High School graduate in 1998, played quarterback in football. Honorable Mention All-MEL, team MVP, and team captain. In the 1996 Big Game, he rushed for 227 yards on 14 carries as Napa beat Vintage 49-15.

He went on to play two seasons at Butte College in Oroville and led the Roadrunners to an 18-4 record, appearing in two postseason bowl games and the Northern California, state and national rankings while throwing 33 touchdown passes. He transferred to Mary University. in Bismarck, ND smoothly and led the Marauders to No. 3 nationally at one point. During the 2000 season, he threw for 1,576 yards with 22 touchdowns, leading Mary to the NAIA national playoffs. He completed 94 of 215 passes and ran for 142 yards on 43 attempts. He was intercepted 10 times.

Kirk played one year in the National Indoor Football League and then entered coaching. After two years as head football coach, he returned to Napa to work as an elementary school gym teacher for the Napa Valley Unified School District and as an assistant to the football team. He then served as head coach at Will C. Wood and is now head coach at Union Mine High in El Dorado County.

Presley’s 2008 sister, Mackenzey Bard, had a very good high-level softball season. She was named Pitcher of the Year on the All-Napa County, Second Team Overall as a versatile player on the All-State Team by and first-team All-Metro for the Sacramento Bee. She also holds the record for most career wins for any high school in Napa Valley with 67. She also played for Fresno City College and worked in the city as a hairdresser and makeup artist

Presley and Mackenzey’s mother, Shelley Bard, was a four-year varsity pitcher at Vintage and earned All-Monticello Empire League and All-County for head coach Norma Hill, and also played for head coach Robert Maglione at NVC. NVC Her husband Troy Bard, a 1984 vintage graduate, played football for Crushers, Solano Community College, Santa Rosa Junior College and Prairie View A&M University of Texas.

Their son, Cal Bard, a 2016 Napa High School grad, performs as a quarterback and safety on the football team.

“Athletics is obviously a big thing in our family,” Presley said on Cal about his final season. “(Cal) grew up with an older sister. He has to go to our jobs and watch us compete. He grew up with a competitive mindset. He had a goal for himself from a young age. That is a big thing in our family.”

Presley writes about her experience with cancer at on November 9th:

“It’s hard to know where to start,” she wrote. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Your love, support, encouragement and donations are overwhelming in the best possible way. All of you have played an important role in my struggle till now. Knowing that I have so many people willing to help in a unique way makes my heart lift up every day. The question I often ponder is, “How do I express my gratitude?” I still haven’t found the answer to that question. But I will continue to thank God for all the help He has put in my path.

“September 19, 2022 will be a day I will never forget. Getting that horrible phone call and hearing the words ‘Presley, you have cancer’ was a day I’ll never forget. If you had walked in my shoes My heart is with you. For the past 51 days, I have seen the world through a refreshing lens. and my view of things Many will never be the same. and i am grateful for that

“It’s amazing how grateful I am during the most difficult time of my life. But I quickly learned how valuable life is – not to take loved ones as a goal. What is the priority of the day? and learn how to live present moment To wake up and feel genuine gratitude for the day. is refreshing I highly recommend it. All in all, my diagnosis took me back to basics and forced me to consider what really matters in life. So far I have been able to. Speak confidently to your family, friends, healthy food. My relationship with God… and good vegan desserts. Easy enough, right?

“On October 6th, I received good news: My cancer is caused by a genetic mutation called Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor (EGFR). The reason for the good news is that I was able to get targeted therapy. I take a once-a-day oral chemo drug called Tagrisso, which attacks the cancer cells in my body with precision. Every day I take medicine I thank God for the doctor who created such advanced medicine.

“Yesterday (Nov. 8) I had a 4 week follow-up. My lab tested well and my body is well tolerated. I’m flying back to California this weekend. The plan now is to fly to Houston every few months to follow up on scans and treatment. The medical team they put together for me at MD Anderson was world class. I was actually excited about the appointment. because the doctor did a great job They put me at ease and showed a lot of sympathy. I couldn’t have taken care of this without your donations and fundraising efforts. Thank you! This month, I’m going to incorporate Tibetan and Chinese medicine into my treatment plan.

“On the last note I would like to leave a simple word I leave this to you: Be kind. Many people have commented that I don’t look sick. and i agree with you Even the doctor described me as ‘a 34-year-old woman with good nutrition’ in my post-appointment record. What I have taken away from this is that the appearance alone We don’t know what kind of struggle people are facing. And we cannot know what they are going through. It’s the reason why strangers smile today. love like there’s no tomorrow be kind to everyone and count your blessings twice And most importantly, thank and serve your higher powers! With love and best wishes, Presley.”

Torrey Sims, one of the organizers of the additional fundraising event on the site:

“Thank you for your interest in supporting Presley Anderson. Simply put, Presley is the best person I know,” she wrote. She is the most selfless person. Compassionate, honest, hilarious, strong and kind. Be the kind of person everyone dreams of becoming.

“In September 2022, our beautiful, fun-loving Presley received bad news. She was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. (4) Presley, 34, married Kirk, the love of her life. She has been a competitive swimmer since she was a child and is a USC winning swimmer, having never smoked in her life. And there were no signs or symptoms whatsoever. Her diagnosis was met with a wave of emotions and uncertainty. She is the most important person to so many people — and it’s time for us to show up for her and protect her future and her family.

“There are clinical trials and promising medical treatments with high success rates. And we have to make sure Presley has access to everything she needs. There is no doubt that the best treatments cost money. And our commitment is to raise as much money as possible to make sure Presley has all the resources she needs to fight. Cancer chooses the wrong woman.

“If you come to this page I’m sure Presley touched your life in a positive way. Show her that you are not alone. Every donation will be directed towards Presley’s healing and the support of her beloved family. We will have ongoing events and fundraisers and update everyone along the way. This is not as true as anyone. can imagine But we must work together and give her the best resources to lead her into the future. Your donation means the world. We’re with you, Presley, always + forever.

“As a note, please respect Presley and her family’s privacy at this time. If you have urgent questions Please contact us at torreyjs[email protected] or Donna Smailis at [email protected]


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