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It was almost two years ago when Gurugram-based painter and photographer Manisha Gera Baswani visited Ladakh with her family. Among the scenic views, Baswani sat near Pangong Lake and sketched the landscape he saw around him. “It’s one of my greatest memories,” she shares. His escape has always been a source of inspiration for Baswani, and his travel experiences continue to find a place in his work. In this interview, the artist gets candid about his memories and more.


Memories of his first trip…
Growing up in Delhi, one thing I vividly remember was picnicking with friends at the Qutub Minar—our parents used to take us. We would play, eat a lot of peanuts… that time we could climb the broken monument. We always had a radio with us. This is my sweetest memory. Other things – people still do – are walking to India Gate at night and eating orange bar ice cream. I think memories like these live on for many of us [who] Our age.

Outside the city, I remember visiting Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu, because I’ve been and seen it many times – on college trips, as a practicing artist – but going back to that place is like re-reading a book. It was from childhood. The same image begins to speak to you in other ways; It’s the same story but it speaks to you differently. Every time I visit Mahabalipuram, it conjures memories of the first one [visit] And many more experiences. Now, of course, there’s a lot to learn artistically—I didn’t realize the impact it would have on my work as a kid.

Her work is inspired by travel…
Travel is consistently coming to my work. Sometimes it is direct, as was the case in Mandu, Madhya Pradesh – I did a whole series in Mandu. Even Ladakh. At other times, travel rekindles a creative mind and forces you to return to the drawing board with renewed energy. Although it may not directly inspire life, but – trees, nature – it is inspiring enough to make you go back and create in your studio. Anything outside of the studio will add to your experience.

On the experiences he seeks…
I am open to anything, be it local travel or adventure seeking. I have been an athlete all my life.

I want to explore more countries. With covid, I think we realized that we don’t have to go outside the country to travel because there is so much to see.

A place where art enthusiasts must visit…
Shekhawati in Rajasthan is a city with several wall paintings. I’ve been there three times and I can go back. what’s on the wall [in Shekhawati] It’s a great tool of inspiration for me for the kind of work I do.


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