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Relics on Railroad is a community based market where Danville area artists sell vintage and antique items. (Photo courtesy of the San Ramon Valley Museum)

Danville residents and visitors will soon be able to stroll through a gathering of unique vintage goods and crafts while supporting local artists at an upcoming one-day antique market.

The San Ramon Valley Museum hosts the 15th annual Relics on Railroad, an artists’ and collectors’ market for antiques, vintage art and recycled trinkets, Sunday in downtown Danville.

Relics on Railroad, an outdoor annual event, features a clothing booth. (Photo courtesy of the San Ramon Valley Museum)

“With Relics, we hope to inspire people to recycle, reuse and recycle treasures from the past. The San Ramon Valley is dotted with historic buildings and sites, and it’s important to protect and preserve their history and learn from pioneering family stories,” said Lani Aurelius, the museum volunteer who deals with marketing, newsletters and fundraising.

The event began with Discover Danville, a nonprofit organization to encourage shopping, dining and entertainment in the historic downtown area. The fair has been coordinated and hosted by the San Ramon Valley Museum since 2016.

“This is an opportunity for the public to see that the museum is not a train museum, but an organization created to preserve and protect the treasured history of the San Ramon Valley,” Aurelius said. “Events like the relics allow the museum to invite residents and visitors to experience the City of Danville’s motto of ‘Live Locally.’


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