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Coffee Break by Kettleberry

Jadavpur is a busy place that bustles with people of all ages throughout the day, but finding a cozy address to laze around with good food without a huge hole in the pocket can be a task. The area juxtaposes a menu that includes roadside bistros that may give you some hygiene issues with the full family dinners and may not be the right place if you’re looking forward to an informal session with your friends. Deep Batra, the brain behind the Kolkata-based coffee label Kettleberry, has come up with a solution to this dilemma by bringing a new cafe into the picture called Coffee Break by Kettleberry.

Batra deep

Located on the busy lane that connects 8B Crossing and Bikramgarh, this cafeteria is easy to spot from your daily commute due to its bright yellow exterior. “Kolkata has a dominant cafe culture especially in the southern part of the city but the price range is often beyond the affordability of a large section of the crowd. On the other hand, cafes that offer munchies within a pocket friendly limit tend to compromise on the quality. Here at Coffee Break by Kettleberry, we want to cater for everyone starting from students, to young couples, to those who want to work from a quiet spot without having to worry about the bill adding up,” says Deep.

The humble bistro welcomed us with an indoor ambient seating arrangement replete with tan sofas and wooden tables but we soon found a cozier nook with a luxurious green view. Meant for gastronomes looking to soak in some fresh air, this outdoor space adjoins a room Deep Mae wishes to turn into a studio. This area breaks away from all the hullabaloo of Jadavpur traffic and is decked in white mesh studded with fairy lights for a dreamy feel.

Outdoor area

We were impressed by the comprehensive menu with its simple offerings all under a budget. As we settled for a tall glass of Kettleberry Coffee Frappe and some mouth-wateringly delicious Fish Fry, we couldn’t help but gripe about the quality of their product. Their Perry’s Chicken Pizza too much freshness and simplicity with every bite. We suggest you try them Vegan shake if you’re in the mood for some creamy goodness without touching the diary.

For a more filling meal, Coffee Break by Kettleberry has a host of sandwiches, pasta, combos and grilled fish and meat that will surely surprise you with its flavours, size and freshness.

Pocket pinch for two: Rs. 500

Photos by Anindya Saha


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