Buccaneers and Packers continue to rise; Colts only destined to disappoint? | Catch My Job


I expected Baltimore to win this game, but Kevin Stefanski’s continued refusal to consistently use this team’s offensive engine, Nick Chubb, remains puzzling. The league’s leading rusher had six touches on Cleveland’s first possession, an 11-play, 75-yard march that ended with Chubb hitting the canvas from 2 yards out. After that opener, Chubb got 12 touches the rest of the game. I do not understand. In related news, Cleveland fell just short, losing by three points.

There have been too many “Close, but no cigar” games for the Browns in 2022. Baltimore had a knack for taking advantage and playing their worst when it mattered most, so it’s notable that Cleveland couldn’t scare the Ravens in crunch time. The Browns just don’t that. Cleveland had chances to win this game, but kept shooting themselves in the foot. The final offense came on the Browns’ final true possession. Cade York lined up to attempt a 55-yard field goal to tie the game, but Cleveland was called for a false start. Some people thought it was a phantom call, but I’m not really sure about that, one way or the other. Conclusion: It was called. Consequently, Stefanski decided to hold the rookie on a 60-yard field goal attempt, which was blocked. Of course.

Now the Browns are 2-5 with the hot Bengals coming to town Monday Night Football on Halloween night. It could be a scary sight for the home team at the FirstEnergi Stadium.


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