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A statement from Climate and Environment Editor Zachary Goldfarb, Deputy Climate and Environment Editor Juliet Eilperin and Climate and Environment Science Editor Katie Zezima:

We’re thrilled to announce that Brianna Sachs will join The Post as an extreme weather and natural disaster reporter in the climate and environment department.

In this role, Brianna will explore how climate change is transforming the United States through violent storms, intense heat, widespread wildfires, and other forms of extreme weather. She will deploy to disaster zones and report to businesses on preparations, responses and consequences of such weather events.

Briana comes to The Post from The Daily Beast, where she was a senior reporter. She spent nearly seven years at BuzzFeed News, where she discovered a passion for disaster reporting after spending nearly three weeks in the U.S. Virgin Islands in 2017 documenting the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Her reporting sparked calls for accountability from lawmakers as the storms wreaked havoc on people, housing and the environment.

While on the brink of disaster, Briana investigated why and how survivors of the 2018 Northern California campfire continued to die, and how the Bahamian government used Hurricane Dorian to detain and deport Haitian immigrants without following protocol. Brianna’s reporting on how the U.S. Forest Service failed to fairly compensate and provide adequate physical and mental health care to wildland firefighters and ensure they are adequately compensated for on-the-job injuries helped the Department of Labor. to simplify its claims processes and, for the first time, includes cancer and lung disease among the conditions eligible for workers’ compensation.

As a national and investigative reporter for BuzzFeed News, Brianna covered a man who started fundraising for a US-Mexico border wall and later pleaded guilty to fraud; revealed new allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against Rep. Madison Cavthorn (RN.C.) and revealed how an elite fencer was allowed to go to the Tokyo Olympics despite being investigated for sexual abuse allegations by Safesport. Her reporting on how major companies, including Costco, failed their workers during the pandemic won an American Society of Journalists award for crisis coverage.

Briana likes to be in nature and to run. She is an ultramarathoner and holds the fastest known time for a woman on the Spine Trail, a 67-mile traverse in the Santa Monica Mountains. She makes up for all those lost calories with lots of fries.

Briana holds a BA in American Studies from George Washington University and an MA from the University of Southern California’s Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism.

Please welcome Brianna when she starts on November 7th.


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