Bobcat hit, killed near Windsor Junction, NS | Catch My Job


Nova Scotia drivers are being reminded to watch out for wildlife after a bobcat was hit and killed near Windsor Junction, NS

The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says bobcat sightings are not unusual, but they are very secretive animals, which means they may not be seen often.

Butch Galvez, wildlife technician with DNR, also says it’s not uncommon to see bobcats near more populated areas.

“Bobcats are a very successful cat. They can eat a variety of prey species and they do well near humans. The population is certainly healthy. You don’t have to leave the city very far,” Galvez said. . “We have bobcats in Bedford from time to time, I’ve seen a bobcat in Clayton Park. So, they’re certainly around.”

Galvez says his department typically sees an increase in roadkill during the fall season.

“Unfortunately, this time of year a lot of animals are hit on roads in Nova Scotia. The season changes, it gets dark earlier, family groups disperse or they change food sources,” Galvez said.

Galvez added that while bobcats are not usually a risk to people, people should be aware of their pets.

Anyone who comes across an injured animal should call the DNR or a licensed wildlife rehabilitation center.


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