Blake Lively’s “Antique Grandma” manicure is surprisingly elegant | Catch My Job


Where do you get your manicure inspiration from? While many are drawn to the seasonal hues of oxblood, deep red, and berry fruit since fall, the best nail artists take inspiration not only from nature, but also from art, music, fashion, and architecture. Blake Lively, meanwhile, gets her personal inspo from… wallpaper.


Posting a photo of a fresh manicure on her Instagram Stories page, Lively showed off oval nails with mustard, maroon, pink and green florals – which the actor called “antique granny wallpaper”. Thanks to celebrity nail stylist Elle Gerstein for the new design, it may have all the hallmarks of old ’70s-style brocade wallpaper, but it sure looks good on Lively. Let’s call them granny nails, easily lifted for 2022.

In the post, Lively tagged House of Hackney, a British interior, fashion and lifestyle brand known for its patterned prints, suggesting the pair were inspired by one of the brand’s wallpapers. While the House of Hackney website has a myriad of styles, Fashion he believes it’s probably the Aurora Wallpaper from Chartreuse, which pays homage to oriental chinoiserie and has a similar color palette.

It just says that the next time you visit the nail salon or visit your favorite technician, why not think outside the box?


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