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DuAwesome Music Project, a Canadian charity dedicated to raising awareness and supporting research on the transformative impact of music on mental and physical health. World Mental Health Day, Oct. 10

“What better way to celebrate World Mental Health Day than with a bid to raise much-needed funds to help bring music-focused mental health programs to communities across Canada,” it said. amp Executive Director Cory Ferguson“We are fortunate to receive a large amount of donations from partners across the country. And I think we have something that will appeal to casual music fans. and hardcore as well.”

Featured auction items include:

• A journey for two to 2023. Calgary Folk Festival;

• Visit the most popular Canadian TV series. Murdoch’s Mystery with the show’s composer Rob Carli;

• Original Gord Downey Prints from famous Canadian rock photographers. Richard Beland;

• Admission tickets Sarah McLachlan at Casino Ramaplus the product package;

• uncle hurry The poster was signed by the three members. (courtesy of hurry and SRO Management).

Additional items include admission tickets. Pumpkin puree and Jane’s Addiction In Toronto, 3 vinyl sets of 10 albums (Rock, Hip Hop, and R&B), autographed posters. and a new album from Steven Pageone Alanis Morissette wavy small pill Promotional packages and 10 cool music project A gift bag containing t-shirts, socks and a signed bestseller. Best Canadian Music Project: Songs of Hope and Joy

Funds raised through Best Online Music Auctions It supports two expansions of music and mental health programs: The Awesome Music Hour and AMP4Life Book ClubBoth programs use music to open up conversations about mental health and mental health.

“We saw good things. a lot from these two projects” . said. amp co-founder Terry Stewart. “Whether it is a youth or a senior Music and music stories really have an amazing influence on our program participants. It sparks conversations that lead to better social inclusion. higher mood and a new appreciation for the role music plays in mental and mental health.”

Carli added, “With the incredible inventory we have for Best Online Music Auctions We hope to raise enough money to expand. The Awesome Music Hour and AMP4Life Book Club Go to several new sites in early 2023 if you see something you like. Bid early and bid often knowing that your money is going to support a great cause.”

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