Best Antique Store 2022 | Shopping + Retail | Catch My Job


1.: Renninger Flea Market and Antique Center,

Like its sister settlements in Pennsylvania’s Amish Country, Renninger’s Mount Dora location is like an organically driven time machine, where you can turn back a few decades in the calendar by rummaging through the collective attics of ten thousand grandmothers. You can easily get lost for hours on any given weekend in the bustling farmers market and permanent flea market, teeming with every imaginable dust-covered collection. But for the full effect, be sure to attend one of their seasonal sales events – especially the semi-annual Extravaganzas, which attract hundreds of antique sellers from all over the country and cover acres of hills with their jam-packed booths. Bring walking shoes and a sturdy cart to transport your purchases, because antiquing at Renninger is not for the faint of heart.

2.: Market of Adjectives,

3. The Lovely Boutique Market,


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