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Baltimore — Bertha’s, Fells Point’s famous tavern, known for its signature mussels and bumper stickers. It will join the auction and close its doors at the end of this year after 50 years of business.

The Norris family runs the tavern. Thank you customers and neighbors for “Wonderful time” in a Facebook post on Thursday.

“Shutting down Berthas was bittersweet,” the family said. “As a family We have given us many wonderful years at this wonderful place. And now I’m ready to pursue other life paths and interests. We have built many valuable friendships with our customers, employees and neighbors over the years.


Alex Cooper Auction House

Bertha’s will open an auction on Nov. 15 with the Alex Cooper Auction House, but the family said they plan to keep Bertha until the end of the year.

Tony Norris, who founded Bertha’s, was “The Lone Star” in 1972 when Fells Point was “an abandoned old neighborhood, warehouses and 18th- and 19th-century buildings lined with cobbled streets. rough,” according to the tavern’s website.

“Eat mussels” boldly declares the restaurant’s almost ubiquitous sticker. which can be found on bumper cars and laptops throughout the Baltimore area.

The restaurant claims that green and white stickers are seen across seven continents. The back of the tavern was sometimes plastered with dozens of different stickers.

“We hope you will accept the new owners as members of this incredible community,” the family said in a statement. “Please visit us in our final weeks and months to celebrate our time together and to commemorate this great adventure.”


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