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The only map needed to explore the treasure mine is located at the entrance to the Sherwood Park Mall.

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Since opening in the mall a few months ago, Beck’s Antiques and Jewelery has quickly become a must-see stop for curiosities, treasures and often museum-quality goods from around the world to buy or just browse.

“I can assure you that our stores are filled with some of the finest treasures in the world,” said Clinton Beck, president and founder of Edmonton, the fifth location to open in the region. “I ask people to have the courage to shop window and be amazed. One of my favorite memories as a boy was visiting the beautiful antique shops in Gastown Vancouver. I have always dreamed of one day owning my own shop that would impress everyone who visited. I hope that my oeuvre will bring joy to people and feed their imaginations and collecting interests. I’ve been treasure hunting all my life and I hope people enjoy these wonderful historical items as much as I do.”

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Beck's Antiques and Jewelery President and Founder, Clinton Beck.  Photo attached
Beck’s Antiques and Jewelery President and Founder, Clinton Beck. Photo attached

Beck said his store is a place people have to see for themselves, and once they do, they’re likely to come back many times in the future.

“We only have one item of everything, so there’s something new to see every time you come into our store,” he said. “Most retail stores have the same stuff over and over again that you can buy on Amazon, but we only have one-of-a-kind items and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Our customers can come back in a few weeks and we have a lot of new things waiting for us. That’s what makes our business exciting.”

And there are still a lot of interesting things in the store.

“We’re kind of a high-end antique shop, so we try to get real treasures where a lot of the stores in the antique malls have a lot of cheap stuff,” Beck said. “Our things are very well taken care of. Our stores have only the cream of the crop when it comes to antiques and treasures. Our jewelry presence is very strong.

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“One of the pieces that came out recently is an extremely rare red star sapphire diamond necklace. It’s something that royalty wears, it’s just an insanely exciting piece. Mind you, it’s $80,000, but it’s something quite spectacular. We have 2000 year old Roman coins and lots of historical pieces from the First and Second World Wars. We have bayonets and swords. We have comics in the $5,000 range. Just all kinds of really interesting and unusual things that you won’t see anywhere else.”

Beck’s Antiques and Jewelery also offers professional repairs.

“Another brand we have is express jewelry repair,” Beck said. “All our repairs are done locally, it’s the fastest in the West, as I say. When you submit your piece, it is usually completed within 72 hours, while other companies take weeks to complete the work. And we do even the most difficult repairs. We have millions of pieces of antique jewelry in stock, so if someone loses something, like an odd little gem from the 1800s, we probably have it in stock.”

Beck said he was thrilled with the early response to the Sherwood Park Mall opening.

“We are very happy here,” he said. “The people we’ve met are friendly, the environment is nice and not many shoplifters to be honest compared to our locations in Edmonton. Our employees are very happy here and feel safe. It’s a different community, that’s for sure.

“We are very excited to be here. From the moment we opened it, it took off immediately.”

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