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Art Basel Hong Kong has announced the exhibitors for the next edition scheduled for 23 to 25 March 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC). This is the first edition of the fair since Hong Kong lifted its mandatory hotel quarantine for domestic travelers in late September. International arrivals from November 21 will still have to undergo a three-day medical surveillance, during which they are banned from certain places such as restaurants, bars and gyms. However, all exhibitors, contractors and visitors to the fair can visit HKCEC during this period.

At 171 galleries, this is a significant increase from the 130 shown in the 2022 edition held in May, and a significant increase from the 109 that participated in 2021. Even so, that’s still far short of the 242-exhibitor peak the fair reached in 2019. Edition Meanwhile, Art Basel Miami Beach will stage its biggest edition yet next month.

Several prominent galleries will return to Hong Kong for the fair, some after a pandemic-induced hiatus. These include Victoria Miró, Thaddeus Ropac, Kamel Menor and Newserimsnider (full exhibitor list can be found below). They are joined by 21 galleries making their Art Basel Hong Kong debut, such as Galerie Christophe Gaillard and Löwenbrück from Paris, Jan Capps from Cologne, Galerie Vacancy from Shanghai and Whistle from Seoul.

However, around 40 galleries featured in the 2019 edition – the last before the pandemic – will not return. These include Bloom & Poe, Esther Schipper, Goodman, Curimanzutto, Sadie Coles, Pilar Corias, Leeson, Kemould Prescott Road, 303 Gallery, Mendes Wood DM, PPOW, Thomas Dane, Chantal Krusel, Skarstedt, Templon, Paula Cooper, Buella Cooper Shave/Modern Art, Isabella Bortolozzi, Tanya Bonakder, Mitchell-Innes & Nash, Sean Kelly and Andrew Kreps.

The fair also comes with a change in leadership: Art Basel’s Asia director Adeline Oi will retain her title but will “focus on the strategic development of Art Basel’s other initiatives in the region”, possibly referring to a press release. MCH Group’s recent investments in Art SG in Singapore and Art Week Tokyo.

Art Basel Hong Kong’s new director, Angel Hsiang-le. Courtesy of Art Basel

Meanwhile the management of the Hong Kong fair will now be overseen by the new director of Art Basel Hong Kong, Angel Hsiang-le. He previously served as the brand’s former Regional Head of Gallery Relations, Asia, and Head of Development for Greater China.

“Hong Kong’s mandatory hotel quarantine policy has been lifted two months into the application process for 2023 exhibitors,” Hsiang-li said. industry newspaper, When asked why attendance did not match pre-pandemic levels. “Some galleries have decided too late to apply, while for others the relaxation of travel rules is too far into their next year’s planning process.” Still, Siang-Li added that this year he is looking forward to the fair’s “first return since 2019 of top-tier collectors.”

Art Basel Hong Kong 2023 will be the first year after the pandemic to have full programming, including the Encounter section, dedicated to presenting large-scale sculptures and installations. Several features and incentives offered to galleries to encourage participation – including remotely operated “ghost” booths and free storage in case of unexpected delays – will not be offered.


10 Chancery Lane Gallery (Hong Kong)

47 Canal (New York)

A thousand plateau industrial space (Chengdu)

Alison Fine Arts (Hong Kong)

Sabrina Amrani (Madrid)

exception (Tokyo)

Antenna space (Shanghai)

Arario Gallery (Shanghai, Seoul, Cheonan)

Alfonso Artiaco (Naples)

Ai Gallery (Beijing)

Ballys Hartling (Paris)

Gallery Baton (Seoul)

Beijing Commune (Beijing)

Blindspot Gallery (Hong Kong)

Ben Brown Fine Arts (Hong Kong, London, Palm Beach)

Cardi Gallery (Milan, London)

Carlos/Ishikawa (London)

Galleria Cayon (Madrid, Manila, Menorca)

Sisson and Bennetier (Lyon, Paris, Saint-Etienne, Querich, New York, Geneva)

Yumiko Chiba Associates (Tokyo)

Galleria Continua (San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Havana, Rome, Sao Paulo, Paris, Dubai)

Massimo di Carlo (Paris, Hong Kong, Milan, London, Beijing)

De Sarthe (Hong Kong)

Deemart (Istanbul)

Dawn Gallery (Shanghai)

Gallery du Monde (Hong Kong)

Gallery Eisen + Art (Berlin, Leipzig

empty gallery (Hong Kong)

Gallery exit (Hong Kong)

Faust Gallery (Singapore)

Stephen Friedman Gallery (London)

Gagosian (Hong Kong, Paris, Athens, Rome, Basel, Geneva, Sannen, London, Los Angeles, New York)

Galerie Christophe Gaillard (Paris)

Gajah Gallery (Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Singapore)

François Gabali (Los Angeles, New York)

Grotto Fine Art (Hong Kong)

Hakgojae Gallery (Seoul)

Hanart TZ Gallery (Hong Kong)

Hauser and Wirth (Hong Kong, London, Los Angeles, New York, Somerset, Zurich, Gstaad, St. Moritz, Monaco, Menorca)

Herald St (London)

Gallery Max Hetzler (Paris, Berlin, London, Marfa)

high art (Arles, Paris)

The Hive Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing)

Xavier Hafkens (Brussels)

Ink Studio (Beijing, Seattle)

Taka Ishi Gallery (Tokyo, Hong Kong)

Johyun Gallery (Busan, Seoul)

Kaikai Kiki Gallery (Tokyo)

Jan Caps (aromatic)

Karma (New York)

Kasmin (New York)

Tina Kang Gallery (Taipei)

Kiang Malingu (Hong Kong)

Richard Koh Fine Art (Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok)

David Kordansky Gallery (Los Angeles, New York)

Tomio Koyama Gallery (Tokyo)

Cookje Gallery (Seoul, Busan)

Kwai Fung Hin Art Gallery (Hong Kong)

Pearl Lam Gallery (Hong Kong, Shanghai)

Simon Lee Gallery (Hong Kong, London)

Leehan Gallery (Seoul, Daegu)

Lehman Maupin (Seoul, London, New York)

LGDR (Paris, Hong Kong, London, New York)

Liang Gallery (Taipei)

Lynn and Lynn Gallery (Taipei, Beijing)

Lowenbrook (Paris)

Luhring Augustine (New York)

Medin Gallery (Shanghai)

Magician space (Beijing)

Mayor (Paris, Barcelona)

not allowed (Turin, London)

Fergus McCaffrey (New York, Tokyo, St. Barthelemy)

Gallery Greta Mirt (Brussels)

Gallery Urs Mail (Beijing, Lucerne)

Kamel Mennour (Paris)

Meyer Rieger (Basel, Berlin, Karlsruhe)

Mind Set Art Center (Taipei)

Victoria Miro (London)

Misako and Rosen (Brussels, Tokyo)

Gallery Mitterrand (Paris)

Mizuma Art Gallery (Tokyo, Singapore, New York)

mor carpenter (Bogotá, Paris)

Gallery Nachst St. Stefan Rosemarie Schwarzwalder (Vienna)

Heli Nahmad Gallery London (London)

Nanjuka (Tokyo)

Taro Nasu (Tokyo)

neugerriemschneider (Berlin)

Anna Ning Fine Art (Hong Kong)

Wan and J. Gallery (Seoul)

They are (Hong Kong)

That’s fine arts (Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo)

Pace Gallery (Hong Kong, Seoul, Geneva, London, East Hampton, Los Angeles, New York, Palm Beach)

Peres project (Berlin, Seoul, Milan)

Perotin (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul, Dubai, New York, Las Vegas)

Petzel (New York)

Pai Artworks (Istanbul, London)

PKM Gallery (Seoul)

Platform China (Beijing)

Polygraph obra graphica (Barcelona)

Projects Monclova (Mexico City)

Almine Rech (Brussels, Shanghai, Paris, London, New York)

ROH project (Jakarta)

Thaddeus Ropack (Salzburg, Paris, Seoul, London)

Rossi and Rossi (Hong Kong)

SCAI Bathhouse (Tokyo)

Songheart Gallery (Beijing, Shanghai, Singapore)

shibunkaku (Kyoto)

Misa Shin Gallery (Tokyo)

Shoe Arts (Tokyo)

Sies + Höke (dusseldorf)

Soca Art (Beijing, Tainan, Taipei)

Star Gallery (Beijing)

STPI (Singapore)

Take Ninagawa (Tokyo)

Tang Contemporary Art (Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul)

Timothy Taylor (London, New York)

TKG⁺ (Taipei)

Tokyo Gallery + BTAP (Tokyo, Beijing)

Vader Art Gallery (New Delhi)

Venus over Manhattan (New York)

Vitamin Creative Space (Guangzhou, Beijing)

Weddington Custot (London)

white cube (Hong Kong, London)

White space (Beijing)

Gallery Jocelyn Wolff (Paris)

Yavuz Gallery (Sydney, Singapore)

Zeno X Gallery (Antwerp)

Zilberman Gallery (Berlin, Istanbul)

David Zwirner (New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong)


Asia Art Center (Taipei, Beijing)

Lucy Chang Fine Arts (Hong Kong)

Denny Demin Gallery (New York, Hong Kong)

Full gallery (Hong Kong, London)

Yoshiaki Inoue Gallery (Osaka)

Kosaku Kanechika (Tokyo)

Gallery Kogur (Tokyo)

Leo Gallery (Shanghai, Hong Kong

Mizo Art Gallery (Fukuoka, Tokyo)

Kotaro Nukaga (Tokyo)

Pifo Gallery (Beijing)

Rin Art Association (Takasaki)

Takuro Someya Contemporary Art (Tokyo)

Gallery Vazieux (Paris)

Axel Vervoordt Gallery (Wiznegame, Hong Kong)

Uson (daegu)

Erie Arts (Taipei)

YOD Gallery (Osaka, Tokyo)

Yutaka Kikutake (Tokyo)


Capsule Shanghai (Shanghai)

CLC Gallery Ventures (Beijing)

Commonwealth and Council (Mexico City, Los Angeles)

Galerie Crevecour (Paris)

Anat Ebgi (Los Angeles)

Gallery 2 (Jeju, Seoul)

Jason Humm (Seoul)

Vida Haydari contemporary (Pune)

instead of (Los Angeles)

Jhaveri is contemporary (Mumbai)

Maho Kubota Gallery (Tokyo)

Umberto Di Marino (Naples)

moniquemeloche (Chicago)

MOU project (Hong Kong)

Nova Contemporary (Bangkok)

Retro Africa (Abuja)

SMAC Art Gallery (Cape Town)

Katinka Tabakaru (Bucharest)

star (Mumbai)

Gallery is empty (Shanghai)

Vanguard Gallery (Shanghai)

Vine Gallery (of my graduation)

flute (Seoul)


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