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NFT is often viewed as a flat image. But on Friday Auction war erupts with real skateboards authenticated by embedded chips.

The auction, organized by Chiru Labs, the creator of the Azuki brand, allowed people to bid on Ethereum to secure one of eight skateboards and collect $2.5 million worth of ETH. Each skateboard is plated in 24-karat and heavy gold. 45 pounds, according to Chiru Labs, which recommends owners should not attempt to ride them.

The highest bidder paid only $400,000 for one of the skateboards. Compared to about $260,000 for the lowest successful bid, Chiru Labs recalls. decode A total of 145 skateboards were auctioned off.

The uniqueness of your skateboard is guaranteed by using a real chip embedded inside. which can be scanned with a smartphone to verify ownership It’s an experience that Chiru Labs calls “scan to own.”

The most expensive board goes to an NFT collector called “dingaling” who has a massive NFT collection that includes 70 Azuki avatars. look rare. After the auction ends He called the Azuki community “the most vile community” he’d seen on Twitter.

If one owner breaks up with a missing board, Chiru Labs says another person can scan the embedded chip to transfer ownership to another wallet. The board represents Chiru Labs’ introduction to physically funded tokens, or “PBT,” that link physical items to digital tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

The company said the technology could be used to verify the authenticity of tangible goods in a manner that leverages blockchain technology. “PBT” can also be used to track who has owned an item in the past. This may be useful in the art world to create the origin of the piece.

Azuki is the top collection when it comes to NFTs on OpenSea by market. website5th place with a cumulative value of 174 ETH, or approximately $228,000 as of this writing. Friday’s auction narrows the Chiru Labs collection of the same name in terms of value.

Friday The auction isn’t the first time Chiru Labs has dabbled in tangible merchandise. at the beginning of this year Avatar owner Azuki receives aerial tokens that can be exchanged for real jackets. With a design that combines American and Japanese street culture.

The tokens linked to the real sale are nothing new to the Web3 space earlier this year, luxury goods maker Tiffany & Co. publishing A set of NFT’s that come with a jewel-encrusted pendant made in the shape of CryptoPunks, so does a house in Germany. Bid on OpenSea As an NFT, companies are also exploring the use of NFTs to create secure supply chains for tangible goods.

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