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The owner of the sports memorabilia auction house said he offered $2 million to fans who caught New York Yankees star Aaron Judge’s 62nd American League home run record.

JP Cohen, president of Memory Lane Inc. in Tustin. California told The Associated Press Wednesday that He texted and emailed Cory Youmans, the man who captured the judge’s milestones filmed Tuesday night at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Cohen said Youmans has not yet. reply

“I feel that the offer is above justice. If he is likely to sell it,” Cohen said in a telephone interview with AP on Wednesday.

Youmans immediately grabbed a historic memento as he cruised into the forefront of a Section 31 on the left field during the Yankees’ game against the Texas Rangers. A homer pushed the judges past Roger Maris for a multi-mark al-season record. People regard baseball’s “clean” standard as the only National League player who hits more has been tainted by its association with steroids.

Youmans, who is from Dallas. work in the financial world He was asked on Tuesday what he planned to do with the award. As the security guards took him out to check his rights.

“Good question. I didn’t think about it,” he said.

Shortly after a local TV station posted a short interview with Youmans down the aisle, Bree Amarantas tweeted, “This is my husband,” Amaranthus works in the local media and is an alum on ABC’s “The Bachelor.”

The record price for a home run ball is $3 million. Which pays for Mark McGwire’s 70th record from the 1998 season.

Cohen had previously pledged $2 million to Judge’s 62nd Homer. He said his company had good ties with the Yankees and would be willing to lend the ball to the team for “consultation.” exhibit He added that the team often showcased items belonging to Memory Lane at Yankee Stadium.

“We made an offer of $2 million and the offer is still valid,” Cohen said.

After the Yankees lost 3-2, the judge said he had no possession of the home run ball.

“I don’t know where it is,” he said. “We’ll wait and see what happens with it. It would be great to have it back. But that’s a keepsake for the fans, he’s doing really well and they have every right.”

Yuman was among the largest crowd of 38,832 to watch a baseball game at a 3-year-old baseball stadium.

The judges were given the day off by manager Aaron Boone on Wednesday as the Yankees closed out the regular season with No. 2 seed New York Rangers in the American League postseason defeat to Texas 4-2.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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