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As part of a collective mission to make art, culture and creativity accessible to all, the award will stimulate conversation around the visual arts as a vehicle for positive global and social change and give exposure to emerging artists worldwide.

Six winners will be determined from around the world by top business and creative minds from the global M&C Saatchi Group and distinguished guest judges. In this Art for Change series, we hear from our regional judges. Find out what makes them tick artistically, what equality means to them and what they look for in our winners.

Introducing our judges for Asia: Tony Liu, Chief Creative Officer of M&C Saatchi aeiou Shanghai, Ali Shabazz, Chief Creative Officer of M&C Saatchi Singapore, Circe Henestrosa, Fashion Curator and Head of School of Fashion at Lasalle College of the Arts Singapore.

1. Describe yourself in 3 emojis.

Tony > 😊ðŸĨģðŸĪŠ

Ali> ðŸĪ” ☀ïļâœïļ

Circle > 😌💃ðŸ’Ĩ

2. How would you explain your work to a child?

Tony> Playing games and having fun 24/7.

Ali> I’m someone who thinks of stories and ideas all day, and they pay me for it.

Circe> I work at an art university in a country called Singapore.

3. Tell us what inspires you.

Tony > Everything.

Ali> Story with plot twists I never saw coming.

Circe> I can get inspiration from anything, from a quote, a play or a work of art. I am motivated by the possibility of making a change.

4. What excites you most about the Art for Change Awards?

Tony> To make an impact on the world.

Ali> I am very excited to give lesser known artists the opportunity to showcase their work on the world stage.

Circle > Creating impact and future opportunities for young artists.

5. This year’s theme is ‘Equality’. What does ‘equality’ mean to you?

Tony> Every person has the right to an equal opportunity to make the most of their life and talents.

Ali> Equality, to me, is a world where everyone is treated with the dignity they deserve.

Sirs> Equality to me means being inclusive, being diverse, creating and enabling the same opportunities for everyone.

6. You are judging entries from Asia. What are you looking for as a judge?

Tony> Sharp and inspiring expressions that move and change me.

Ali> Asia has always been a region with a great art history. I hope to see new perspectives and styles that are contemporary and future facing.

Circe> I look for works and artists who have a clear voice and something to say through their art.

7. What does art for change mean to you?

Tony> Art that changes vision, perspective and awakens consciousness in society.

Ali> Art is a universal language that transcends all barriers of geography, caste, religion, caste and language. It is the perfect vehicle to highlight world issues and start movements that can bring about positive change.

Circe> is a great initiative to create a community that promotes the possibility of change.

8. If you could steal one piece of art from art history, what would it be?

Tony > Egyptian pyramids.

Ali > Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. It speaks to the soul.

Circe> Las Dos Fridas by Frida Kahlo.


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