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Suddenly a woman Archana Nag from Kalahandi district became the talk of Bhubaneswar. His story is one of rags to riches. While his rapid ascent to the world of affluence and luxury may be a case of the ease of doing business in Bhubaneswar, it also reveals the underbelly of the capital city of an impoverished state of 45 million people, most of whom feed on a rupee of rice. After 22 years of regional party rule.

The lady is now in media frenzy and sensational stories are coming out about her activities which have brought her both wealth and status in a short span of time. He is supposed to have friends in the right number and in the right place. His powerful patrons ranged from film producers to bureaucrats, political leaders to wealthy contractors. More than 25 political leaders, including 18 MLAs, are said to be involved, mostly belonging to the ruling party.

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Why the woman was hastily arrested, why she was not taken into police custody for questioning, why many victims of her manipulations are not coming forward to tell their stories, etc. are now being discussed about the role of the police. and uncovers the secrets that help Archana increase her wealth and influence.

The archaic model of entrepreneurship, however, raises a few issues to ponder. Its immediate impact is on the determined, hardworking, highly educated youth who are struggling to wait for Dame Luck to smile. They stand disappointed. One feels convinced that in the current state of declining social values, it is the sleazeball that has the highest potential for entrepreneurial success. His easy success points to the erosion of piety and the viscous emerging conqueror. His case shows how the process of building wealth does not have to be a laborious and difficult task. It shows there are shortcuts to prosperity. This unfortunate reality unfortunately promotes negativity in society. Confidence in the rule of law and the fairness of government decline.

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If the government is committed to overturning this widely held notion, it must speak out, come down hard on the ‘archanas’, their patrons and associates, regardless of their parentage, social and political connections. The police need to be given a free hand to act quickly and effectively. Agencies handling economic crime issues need to act quickly. The conventional wisdom, however, is different. Common people feel that if political characters are involved, they will probably be protected and the current noise will be reduced. This shocking impression indicates a widespread state of depression in an unjust society where the guilty are certainly not punished.

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It is this vital issue that the current government must address as it is the essence of governance. This is why Archana’s case is important. It may be recalled that on the occasion of the party’s 20th foundation day in December 2017, Chief Minister and BJD president Naveen Patnaik urged his party members to think simple and high and serve the people, who he said, are the ‘ultimate masters’. He advised them to dedicate their lives to ‘Ma, Mati and Manisha’ (Mother, Motherland, People) and asked them to respect the sentiments of the people and fulfill their promises. The alleged involvement of several ruling party MLAs, however, is against the code of conduct (code of conduct) laid down by the party supremo.

A word about Rajdharma seems relevant at this juncture. “How should a king behave?” Yudhishthira asked Bhishma. Bhishma replied, “Righteousness, the watchword of the king. His senses should be fully under control. Poison kills a man, so do weapons. But, says Bhishma, evil counsel destroys an entire kingdom with king and subjects. A king can easily become great by doing only two things: refraining from harsh speech and scorning those who are wicked.

The wicked are to be despised. The role of the party leaders involved must be thoroughly and expeditiously investigated and marching orders issued against them. This is what society wants; It seeks to reassure that crime does not pay. Naveen Patnaik owes his stature and long years as chief minister and party president to the people who love him. Righteousness is the key word to quote Bhishma. Rajdharma is everything. While everyone involved in this incident must be brought to justice, the people involved must be punished politically and swiftly.

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