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Big Apple art project organizers Mauricio Benega (left) and Pitsch Leiser at The Tribune, Hastings Pictures/Warren Buckland

The Big Apple Project is almost complete. But we will definitely see it again.

19 of the 20 works of art were auctioned at Hastings Wednesday night, after three months of street exhibitions in Napier and Havelock North.

Pitsch Leiser, Community Art Development Manager at Arts Inc Heretaunga, and Mauricio Benega of Studio Benega won’t talk about what awaits us in the future. But promises there will be more of these pop-ups in the future.

“The plan is always to hold an annual or semi-annual event. So we might do it next year and pause. And maybe do something else,” Beneca said.

“I don’t think it’s an apple,” Leiser added.

The artwork has been enclosed at The Tribune in Hastings for the past few days. Hundreds of people flocked to see the event together.

Leiser, festival director at the Hawke’s Bay Arts Festival, said: “The feedback is really happy. colorful People take their families to explore the Apple Trail. It’s an interactive activity.”

Big Apple 'Dionysian Excess' Art Project by Helen Kerridge, Tribune, Hastings Images/Warren Buckland
Big Apple ‘Dionysian Excess’ Art Project by Helen Kerridge, Tribune, Hastings Images/Warren Buckland

“Yesterday we had a family traveling to take a picture with the last apple in particular. because their children want to eat every apple But they missed one ball.

“We always knew this would be successful. But we were positively surprised by its magic. We know this idea will work. But it’s amazing.”

Only 19 apples left to be auctioned. Day 20 is now on permanent display at Flaxmere Park.

What happened to the rest remains unclear.

Each booking price is $3,450, with more than 40 bidders registered interest.

“We don’t know how much we can collect. But one thing we do know is that a lot of people are saying why they can’t be in public,” Leiser said.

“That’s one of the ideas that we can find buyers who want to donate back to the community. Then what we will do is locate them and install them permanently.”

Having such visible works has already paid dividends for some artists. In particular, Helen Kerridge, an art teacher, was so encouraged by her acceptance of ‘Dionysian Excess’ that she now decided to paint full-time.

Artists and project organizers weren’t the only ones who were delighted with this answer.

“To celebrate our local apple growing industry and our artists, This event has captured the imagination of our community. Congratulations to Arts Inc Heretaunga and Studio Benega, who received their main funding from our council. make this project happen Initiatives like this greatly enhance our revival efforts in central Hastings.” Sandra Hazelhurst Mayor Hastings said.


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