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In the latest episode of Antiques Roadshow, BBC viewers were taken to Clissold Park to see the show’s experts appraise a wide range of items. During the episode, John Benjamin spoke with a guest who brought in a ring from jeweler Mosheh Oved. After revealing that his antiques would fetch five figures at auction, the guest was stunned.

Before examining the ring, John revealed that the object the guest had brought was related to how his career in antiquities began.

The expert revealed that after leaving school in the 1970s, he had no idea what he wanted to do with his life, prompting his father to write to Cameo Corner, an antique jewelery shop in London.

After getting the job, the Antiques Roadshow host shared that he stayed at the shop for four years, which he later described as the most influential and defining period of his career.

Looking at the small yellow box that the guest had brought to appreciate, she was pleased to see that the jewelry came from Cameo Corner, where she once worked.

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He informed viewers that the jewelry was from Mosheh Oved and asked the guest to provide more insight into who he was.

He explained: “He was born around 1885, he was a Polish refugee and he was a silversmith who was a very individual person who made jewelery and made wonderful things.”

The guest added that Mosheh owned the business until his death in 1958.

John revealed that the silver ring he brought in, fashioned into a parrot, was made by Mosheh himself.

He added: “Mosheh Oved, seer, mystic, prophet, jeweler, everything you want. But he was also a brilliant sculptor, carving bronze and silver.

“During the war years, when the bombs fell on London in the Blitz, he hid in the basement of Cameo Corner.

“Apparently to prevent his hands from trembling, he made silver rings in the shape of swans, lions, and parrots, for example, in his peculiar anthropomorphic style.”

Taking a closer look at the item, he estimated it was made around 1947 before sharing that he hadn’t seen a parrot ring in many years.


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John shared more details about the ring, adding: “The eyes are gold rimmed, look at the delicacy of the engraving of the feathers and that typical button base that you’ve done before.”

It was time for the antique expert to tell the guest how much the ring would be worth if sold now.

He said: “Your parrot, which is a very unusual model, I think would probably go to auction with an estimate of £5,000 to £8,000.”

Although the guest was visibly shocked by the high value, John wasn’t done as he continued to admit that he could get a lot more for the ring.

John continued: “It’ll be the end, your parrot and you’ll make £10,000.”

Gasping loudly, the woman began to speak in shock, but ended up clutching her chest in shock.

After collecting herself, she replied, “Well, I’m totally shocked! This is incredible.
“What an estimate, my goodness!”

The Antiques Roadshow continues Sunday at 5:45 p.m


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