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Ventura – Rock ‘n Roll was live, burgers and hot dogs were on the grill, hot rods were in the parking lot, and memorabilia was in the shop as Antique Adventures celebrated its seventh anniversary on Sunday, October 2nd.

TSHE The celebration brought together people who found a home at the store through the Sunday morning car shows, vendors who run a business in one of the many booths, or residents who stopped by for a great collection of antiques.

The business is run by owners Chuck and Nerrie Ackerman, and Chuck said when he started the business, he hoped it would be this successful.

“I decided I liked the business plan for the Antique Store, so after looking around a little bit and wanting to be in a really nice place like Ventura, I decided after looking online and finding this building, the Antique Store was calling.” he said. “From then on, I went through every step of its creation, and that was seven years ago. It took two months to create and here we are.”

He said the vendor booths came by themselves. They had some publicity in the beginning, but when word of mouth spread about Antique Adventures, they got on board.

“It’s their own little neighborhood, if you will,” he said.

New vendors are screened, he said, and then put on a waiting list.

“To avoid any further confusion, I’m going to ask Jesse, my general manager, to bring people in,” Chuck said. “He screens everyone who comes in, and if someone has something super special, I’ll find them a booth, if it’s guys or something special.”

He said many of his vendors have booths at other stores, but each one means a lot to Chuck.

“A lot of stores started closing, and after the stores closed, they were looking for places to go,” he said. “We’re like the boat in Forest Gump when it was the only one that went out and sailed.”

Chuck said he recently heard the band Cross Cut 805 play; decided they should perform at the anniversary celebration.

“They are great at singing and their music is incredible,” he said. “The instrumentals are incredible.”

Chuck said Nerrie would help gather all the missing pieces and do the planning.

“I think we did really well between us and pretty much covered everything,” Chuck said. “Now he’s going to cook the food with Leonard, one of our car guys who offered to help cook. It was incredible.”

Chuck said first-time visitors to Antique Adventures will find a collection of collectibles at all the booths.

“We have 70 different booths,” he said. “They have a lot to choose from.”

Vendor Judith Starr has several booths at Antique Adventures with lots of llardo and china goodies.

“I have silver, sterling and lots of beautiful vintage jewelry,” she said. “I also have a lot of vintage Beanie Baby collectibles. This is an amazing deal. Chuck and Jesse are great, and I’ve been here since day one.”

When Judit was little, her father came in as an auctioneer on weekends, and along with the antiques, the children became shillings.

“I became interested in the antique field as a hobby when I was my age,” said Judith. “It kind of snowballed and I started going to estate sales, which was a big mistake. It is like a disease because it is an expensive purchase. How much stock do you need.”

He said that people should love what they do.

“I love what I do,” Judith said.

Nerriel said they started cooking at 10 a.m., and she served plenty of hot dogs, hamburgers and pears and was busy all day.

Car Club Manager Tom Berger is proud to be part of the Antique Adventures family.

“It doesn’t get any better,” he said. “The food is perfect. Antique Adventures is a fun place to relax and have a good time. Chuck is a big part of that; every Sunday there is something to do.”

Tom is impressed with Chuck’s new classic car.

“Very cool,” he said.

805 Cross-Cut guitarist Peter Tierney met Chuck at a club they were playing while Chuck was looking for a band at the Antique Adventures Anniversary Party.

“I love local community events and I live nearby,” Tierney said. “What is better; you have good time, food and friends. It doesn’t get any better than that.”

He called the group Big Mix Band, playing oldies and modern rock.

“We perform dance songs and country songs,” he said. “The band’s goal is to make people dance and be happy.”

For more information about 805 Cross Cut, visit the band’s Facebook page.

For more information and lots of memorabilia, visit or stop by 6587 Ventura Boulevard in Ventura.


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