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Giorgi Chikvaidze ’24, a psychology major and Ammerman Center Scholar, had the opportunity to work all week with the Anonymous Ensemble at the Athay Center for Performance and Research in Palmer Auditorium.

“It surprised me how easy it was to bond and communicate with the commissioned artists. Not only were they great artists, they were humble, sweet, ordinary people. They were excited to hear our ideas, and all of them talked to us about our own projects. More than happy to chat and give advice,” said Chikvaidze.

“It means the world to me to be able to do all these things. Working in a professional environment with commissioned artists, I was solving their problems, exchanging information and growing day by day. Events like the Ammerman Symposium are crucial for networking and have a profound impact on the college experience.”

The Communication exhibition, curated by commissioned curator Rene Cepeda, will be on display at the Cummings Arts Center Gallery through December 10. Highlights include Wong’s “In Silence;” Katerie Gladdys’ “Seed Cabinet,” a similar piece of scientific discourse that invites audiences to dig deeper into their role in global and local food systems; and Peter Barr’s “Dartscraper”, which simulates an underground structure whose ‘smart architecture’ is overseen by artificial intelligence. The exhibition is free and open to the public.


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