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Autographed paintings are set to estimates prior to auction. $25,000$50,000 and will be available during the Rock Island Auction Company’s Premier Auctions. 9 – 11 Dec.

Sick Rock Island, 29 Nov 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Rock Island Auction Company proudly presents wildlife artists. of Philip R. Goodwin Painting “honest wood,” During the company’s premier auction Friday 9 December pass Sunday 11 DecemberGoodwin is best known for illustrating. Jack London “Call of the Forest” and President of Theodore Roosevelt “African Game Trails”. A signed and framed “Honest Woods” painting has an estimated pre-auction price at $25,000$50,000.

Goodwin’s artwork has also been in demand recently.”between the devil and the blue sea” Auction oil paintings for sale $968,000 this summer. This sale set a world record price for one of Goodwin’s paintings.

honest wood,” Divided evenly between the messy dark forest and the calm pale water. and showcases Goodwin’s classic use of depth. The painting is based on a 1904 short story.”in the honest forest” by Holman F. Day About a big-city minister on an annual hunting trip who seeks refuge in the woods but finds himself lost. He came across a hut with two hunters and a guide. The guide was a man his wife stole many years ago.

The Reverend feared severe retribution when the guide asked to speak to him alone. He refused but found no ally in the other two hunters after hearing their stories. The minister and the hunting guide left the cabin. and when the guide returned He recounted what had happened during their absence. Take the lost man back to his hunting group. and lend him a rowboat to cross the lake. which the guide must make harrowing choices

“This is a great opportunity for collectors to acquire an original work by one of the great American outdoor painters of the 20th century,” said president of Rock Island Auctioneers. Kevin Hogan Said. “The story that inspired the painting is interesting. And Russell has chosen the perfect moment to convey. It shows pivotal and stressful moments. for which Russell is best known.”

Although he famously illustrated and designed the logo for Winchester Repeating Arms, Goodwin was not a self-promoter. Therefore, his work was not published by his contemporaries such as Charles Russell and Carl Rangius… that is until this summer when it is on sale.”Between the devil and the blue sea“Turns heads with his paintings”quenching thirst for two“that brought $363,000This is the third highest price for one of Goodwin’s works.

December’s auction will feature a number of commercials by Goodwin commissioned by companies such as Remington, Winchester and Peters Big Game Ammunition, showcasing his ability to showcase the power and tension of the great outdoors and. Old West

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