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DILWORTH, Minn. — After public criticism, Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton School District Redirected and decided not to auction old trophies and badges with the former rebel mascot.

Superintendent Shannon Hunstad apologized to the school community in an announcement on Monday, Oct. 24.

“I want to let everyone know that the trophies and banners that were part of the DGF auction will be removed,” Hunstad wrote in a Facebook post. anxiety, etc., which cause the community.”

The school district intends to ask the activity committee to discuss how. “Honor the success of DGF and how to best perform it,” Hunstad wrote.

The activity committee will plan and share it with the school board before doing anything with the trophy, the superintendent writes. Activities Director, Administrative Department, School Board Representatives, Instructors, Community Members and Students

since noon monday The auction web page lists more than 20 items, including rebel metal badges, chairs, rugs, hats, jerseys and shorts. Auction open until Friday 4 Nov.

The first decision to auction the trophy and banner with the old logo was met with scathing comments on Facebook, with one person calling it a “swerve”. “Ultimate stupidity”

“If you ask us alum before making a decision Things won’t happen,” wrote another critic. “This is embarrassing.”

“Why are you selling history? This is a joke, isn’t it?” another commenter said.

Monday’s announcement about the removal of the trophies and banners from the auction was a big thank you to Facebook.

“Thank you for listening to the community and people making our legacy what it is!” one wrote.

A gray and white Revolutionary War soldier in a triangular hat holding a flag that reads DGF Rebels.

school mascot The new Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton, which resembles a Revolutionary War figure.


The old DGF mascot caught fire in March 2021 after a request for the district to switch to a new mascot was distributed. The logo and mascot, which features a sombrero with protruding feathers and a long mustache, is worn over a roaring roar with teeth and a protruding chin. similar to the Allied soldiers such petition

one month after complaint School districts have begun working with students, staff and community members to get additional feedback on logos. School administrators and board members reviewed the design of the new mascot. and share it with high school students and staff for information.

In the end, the new mascot retained its original name and retained its gray color. But the similarities end there. This new mascot features a Revolutionary War character with a triangular hat. which appears to dash forward while holding the DGF Rebels flag.


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