Aaron Judge HR Ball Auction: 62nd Home Run Baseball Record to be Auctioned | Catch My Job


New York Yankees RF Aaron Judge’s 62nd home run baseball will be put up for auction after catcher Cory Youmans turned down a $3 million offer to ESPN. The ball will be auctioned off by Goldin Co and will take place in November.

Here’s what Youmans, 35, of Texas, who caught the ball in the game between the Yankees and Texas Rangers on Oct. 4, told ESPN:

“It seemed fair in the sense that it gave everyone an interest and a chance to own it,” Eumans told ESPN. “As a fan, I wanted to know what it was worth. who is buying And what are they going to do about it?”

The umpire’s home run should be the best-selling of all time. The current record is Mark McGwire’s 70th home run during the 1998 season, valued at over $3 million to comic book artist Todd McFarlane. Create a Spawn

The referee told reporters he wanted the ball. But know that now it’s a souvenir for football fans. Perhaps the most expensive memorabilia ever received, the Yankees slugger is currently a free agent and has yet to sign a new contract.


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