A street food vendor gives a cobbler a free lunch. Watch the video to learn why | Tendency | Catch My Job


Recently, a video was posted on Instagram and it is currently becoming popular for a very touching reason. The opening scene of the video depicts a cobbler in front of a food cart near Nehru Place. It is a major commercial hub in the Indian city of Delhi. Standing there, he can be seen fiddling with some of his cobbled goods. As the video progresses, the viewer can watch as the owner of the food stall in front of him participates in a full and very pleasant conversation with him. The seller asks if the young man makes enough money almost every day, and advises him, if not, that he should not be afraid to stop at his stall and get something to eat for free.

The heartwarming video has been shared on the Instagram page called @foodbowlss which is run by food blogger Rajat Upadhyay. More than 23,000 people follow him there, and they eagerly await his posts, be it images or videos related to food. It is defined as, “Manoj bhai ka dil bohot bada hai.” [Manoj bhai has a big heart]

Watch the video here:

This video has received more than 2.8 lakh likes since it was posted on October 6. People who saw the video left the comment section with several thoughts.


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