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Strathmore Now Online Auction Begins and have a good show So many to choose from! With an initial bid that is 60% off the retail price. There are many opportunities to get truly amazing prices. It’s not easy to limit my daily selections to three. But don’t worry anymore. this is all

1.Zegil Automotive

Snow might be right around the corner. This means it’s time to replace your tires. with this bid You will be able to make your car and life much safer. By paying a fraction of the cost of your seasonal tire replacement – rims ($50 value, $20 bid)! Nothing to love? For as little as $20, you can drive on Canada’s famous busy winter roads with peace of mind. knowing you have tires to get the job done.


There are other great deals at Zegil at this auction, such as oil changes starting at $40, gear service starting at $140 only. along with offers on air conditioning refueling wheel alignment Insurance checks and more!

2. Strathmore Dodge Silver Details Package ($260 value, starting at $10)

After you get new tires on your car. You may want to remove the tire to turn. And if you will You should have your car in immaculate condition. Lucky for you, Strathmore Dodge offers a silver detailing package that will give your car a brand new look inside and out. They really go as far as nine yards with the package including: full hand washing outside, window cleaning, rubber floor mat cleaning, interior wipe and vacuum, vacuum power bin, tire trim, floor cleaning. All hard surfaces, engine bay cleaner, glass polish, wheel polish and carpet shampoo.

wash the car

and scroll through all auctions that have more than one auction. Don’t want to start bidding like crazy when you can save more!

3. Princess Superhero Train Excursion for Two from Aspen Crossing ($178 value, starting at $71)

After driving Maybe you want someone else to drive instead. And if you’re going to jump in someone else’s car Why not make it exciting? instead of a standard minivan You might even ride a train full of princesses and heroes!

The Aspen Crossing will take you on a two-hour journey through the prairies. and encourage all employees to dress up as their favorite characters! You can even see real-life princesses and heroes walking around on the trains.


This is just the tip of the iceberg for other items. all on sale So be sure to check it out and start bidding for great items. At a special discount!

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auctionCheck out these and many more at this link right here!

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