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Charles Darwin was one of the most famous scientists in the history of evolution. And his book – On the Origin of Species – is considered a pioneering message.

over the years This book is popular all over the world. And according to a survey in 2015, this book was voted as “The most influential academic book ever written.”

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Rare manuscripts of the famous book are going to be auctioned in November of this year. And according to The Guardian, it will attract prices between $601,000 and $793,000.

The original was mistaken for a leaf. and it was eventually salvaged by the famous Sotheby’s auction company. The manuscript, part of the third volume of the book, is also autographed by the author himself, which is why it’s quite rare considering his editing habits. continuously

Hermann Kindt, the editor of Autographic Mirror, confirmed in the 1900s that the signatures were all genuine and that Sotheby’s had access to the certificates. said the auction house

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Charles Darwin’s revolutionary message on the origin of species Succeeded in creating the book of Genesis for the modern age. And it would be difficult to exaggerate the effects of earthquakes. Not only in science and culture in the 19th century, but also in thinkers and generations, says Richard Austin of Sotheby’s.

“We are proud to present some of Darwin’s most important autographed manuscripts for auction. Continues Sotheby’s long history of presenting some of the most important documents and inventions in the history of thought.”


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