5G Spectrum Auction: The 5G Auction resumes on Day 5, the UP-E auction in 1800 MHz continues. | Catch My Job


Auctioned in 24
Thai The fifth round of India’s first 5G spectrum auction was underway on Saturday morning. The government received bids worth Rs.1,49,855 crores at the end of Day 4.

Day four was driven entirely by the battle for 1800 MHz in the UP (East), which ensured that action would go into day five. On the fourth day, there were seven auctions. The unit price of the 1800 MHz band rose 49% from base price to Rs.135.6 crore for the (East) uptrend. Prices soared as Bharti Airtel battled big rival Reliance Jio to protect its market share. In India’s most populous circle, some 900 MHz radios will expire in 2024, an industry executive said.

Telcos outflow for the 1800 MHz band across India has almost fivefold to Rs.1057 crore from a base price of Rs.2116 crore.

Estimated spend of Telecom market leader Reliance Jio after 4th day of spectrum sales is over Rs.84,000 crores. Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Idea spectrums estimated spend after 4th day also. at approximately Rs 46,200 crore and Rs 18,500 crore respectively after an ongoing battle for 1800 MHz in the major UP (East) circle.

With operations focused solely on UP (East), other groups have not seen any change in the last two days in the overall outflow. Telcos have spent Rs 80,590 crores on Band C. (3.5 GHz); Rs 14,709 crore on high frequency band (26 GHz); Rs. 3180 crore on 2100 MHz and Rs. 39,270 crore on 700 MHz band.

The expensive but high-performance 700 MHz spectrum was auctioned for the first time in the auction, with Jio said to have bought 10 MHz of radio spectrum across India for Rs 39,270 crore.

At this year’s auction The government has offered more than 72 GHz radio spectrum for 20 years in 10 5G bands worth Rs.430 crore at the reserve price. So far, more than 40% of the spectrum has been auctioned for sale.

Offers are low-frequency (600 MHz, 700 MHz, 800 MHz, 900 MHz, 1800 MHz, 2100 MHz, 2300 MHz, 2500 MHz), mid-band or C-band (3.3-3.67 GHz) and high-band ( 26 gigahertz).


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