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Eagle Eye in the Ski Podcast: The stats that tell the story of the Eagles’ 6-0 start

Fran Duffy is joined by four guests on the Bie Week edition of the Eagle Eye In The Ski podcast. Here’s a look at segment three and out, where Ben Fennell and Chris McPherson talk about the numbers that help tell the story of the first six games.

Favorite stat heading into bye week

C-Mac: The number that catches my eye is Jalen Hurts’ 8.2 yards per attempt, almost a full yard from what he accomplished last season.

Ben Fennell: Let’s look at three-and-outs, the ability to have three plays and outs. We’re second defensively in three-and-out percentage, over 41%, and we’re tied for first offensively in not having that three-and-out.

Fran Duffy: A year ago at this time, the Eagles were dead last in the NFL in defensive blitz percentage, but now they’re in the middle of the pack at 18th in blitz percentage.

Favorite stat “Yes, but…”.

Ben Fennell: I think we’re seeing Jalen Hurts create a lot with his feet both in structure and out of structure. I think in unstructured, as we call these scramble situations, it was a little high this year, 5.6% scramble rate, that’s the third highest. 25 total rebounds, that’s the second most, creating a lot of first downs creating a lot of yards off of it. But does it come at the expense of the dog game? The cost of open receivers? Is he running a little too early?

Fran Duffy: The Eagles are currently last in the NFL offensive line in conversion percentage, according to PFF. Last in the NFL at 34%, which is crazy because that’s a low mark – the NFL average is 54%. What’s interesting is that yes, they’re down in that number, they’re the lowest in the NFL. But when they use movement and when they use displacement, they’re very, very effective.

C-Mac: As good as this defensive unit is, the defensive line is allowing nearly five yards per carry. That’s 27th in the NFL. Yes, the Eagles are giving up some ground here. But it’s better, to me, than an 80-yard touchdown pass, which is a quick score, you didn’t turn off the timing, it’s a momentum changer, it really snowballs.

Small sample size or indicator?

Fran Duffy: The Eagles are currently second in the NFL and third in first half scoring at 27%, an outstanding number. Then, go to the second half, they are 62.2% on third down. It is the latter by a wide margin.

C-Mac: According to Football Outsiders, their awesome DVOA metric, in second-half, one-score games, the Eagles offense is fourth-best in the NFL. What that tells me is that even though they may be getting out to these big leads and teams are coming back, the Eagles are finding ways to put the game away offensively.

Ben Fennell: I have to give credit to Jalen Hurts as a passer – he currently has the most yards per attempt between the numbers. That’s a large sample size.

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